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Corporate Secretary

The Company as a listed company must appoint a Corporate Secretary, which reports to the Board of Directors. The Corporate Secretary acts as a liaison between the Company and the capital market regulators, in this case the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The Corporate Secretary is responsible to give advice to the Board of Directors on the Company’s obligations in accordance with the Articles of Association, organize meetings of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners, joint meetings of the Board of Commissioners – the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Andrew Haryono
Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen, born in 1979. He earned his Master in Professional Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Texas in Austin, USA in 2001. He is Also a Certified Public Accountant.

He has more than a decade of various corporate finance and accounting leadership roles with top technology companies including Hewlett Packard, Dell and Microsoft in its offices in teh US and Singapore prior to joining Rajawali Corpora in 2011. With Rajawali Corpora, he has served various leadership functions including Chief of Staff to Chairman / CEO and Malaysia Country Chief Representative. Prior to being appointed as Director of the Company, he served as Commissioner (2017-2019) then as Executive Management (2019-2020).



The Company implements transparency across its operational activities in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations. This principle is manifested in the periodical reporting on the Company’s business development to the government and investors. The Company also maintains information disclosure to the public regarding the benefits of the Company’s business and operations.



The Company’s accountability is also maintained through the establishment of the right organizational structure and workflow in order to support every division in implementing their responsibility more efficiently. Each division is responsible to the management, who will then formulate the business and financial reports to be examined by the Board of Commissioners and the Public Accounting Firm.



Under a good corporate governance structure, the Company ensures that operational and business activities are implemented in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations and generate benefits to all stakeholders to the Company’s activities. The three principles of the good corporate governance are implemented through a structure comprising seven parts, including the Board of Directors, the Board of Commissioners, Committees, Teams and Staff.