PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk


Sustainability Strategy

The Company's sustainability strategy is built on a commitment to compliance with the highest laws, regulations and sustainability standards in the palm oil industry. The Company is also committed to preventing negative impacts and creating positive impacts from activities inside and outside the plantation. For that reason, the Company continues to strive to build public participation by providing transparent information needed by the stakeholders.

EHP reviews our Sustainability Policy periodically as a manifestation of our commitment to implementing responsible business practices to achieve sustainability.

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In 2021, EHP managed to rank 32 out of a total of 100 oil producers, processors and traders assessed by the Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT). The SPOTT assessment was developed by the non-profit organization ZSL with the aim of supporting the transparency of public information provided by the agribusiness industry, one of which is palm oil, in environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. The company got an average score of 62.5%.

The latest EHP SPOTT assessment can be accessed by clicking on the image