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Environmental Stewardship

EHP is committed to managing the environment and strives to always implement business practices that minimize our impact on the environment by calculating our water consumption, energy consumption, and emissions generated as well as managing effluents, waste recycled and biodiversity. This commitment is realized by establishing a Sustainability Policy that is being reviewed on a regular basis, thoroughly covering our operational activities and all third party suppliers, as well as efforts to minimize the use of chemicals, prohibit the use of paraquat, prohibit pesticides class 1A and 1B according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and chemicals listed in the Stockholm Convention and the Rotterdam Convention, except in exceptional circumstances which may occur in cases where their use has been validated by a due diligence process or when authorized by government authorities during an outbreak.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Palm oil is one of the key commodities contained in various products that we use in our daily lives.

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We consider biodiversity amongst our priorities because many EHP plantations are located near natural and protected forests....

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Sustainability Policy

EHP reviews our Sustainability Policy periodically as a manifestation of our commitment to implementing responsible business practices to achieve sustainability.