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Grievance Mechanism

EHP is committed in implementing transparency in our business activities which is also written in the Company's Sustainability Policy. Therefore, EHP has set up a grievance mechanism that aims to ensure that every complaint, both internal and external, is treated in accordance with Company regulations and prevailing laws and as a guideline in implementing communication with relevant stakeholders. With a clear process in place, stakeholders can inform us of issues within our supply chain so that complaints can be handled in a timely and transparent manner.

Grievance Handling Matrix
Types of Complaints

Complaints that may be submitted include:

  1. Complaints related to employment are complaints which are related to problems that arise in the work relationship process and or deviations from work conditions and company regulations/policies received by employees, such as: benefits-facilities, superior-subordinate relationships/fellow colleagues , reward-punishment, whistleblower, ethics/deviant behavior, sexual violations, and other violations.

  2. Complaints related to non-employment are complaints which are related to facilities for the public interest such as: toilets, lighting, sports facilities, provision of stationery, delivery of packages/documents, provision of facilities, provision of food, shuttle etc.

  3. Community complaints are complaints which are related to community claims, or the disruption of the surrounding community with the Company's operations.

  4. Customer complaints are complaints submitted by buyers who make purchasing and selling transactions for products produced by the Company.

  5. Other complaints are complaints which are submitted to the Company other than points 1 – 4 above, for example complaints from other relevant stakeholders.

Grievance Cases
Complaints Submission

Complaints can be submitted directly to the relevant estate/mill/department to be documented in the register or can also be submitted via:

The minimum data required in submitting a complaint are as follows:

  • Date

  • The “Claimer”

  • Contents of complaints and/or claims

  • Date and response/response given by the Company

  • Completion date and fields